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I've always toyed with the idea of getting my real estate license, but knowing now that I'd have to compete with Sandy in the market has shown me what it would take to be really successful. Ours was not a "cookie cutter" kind of sale, and Sandy did an astounding job of identifying the strengths of our property, pricing it beyond what we thought was possible, negotiating competitive offers, and shepherding us through the closing. I've given her 5 stars for each of the categories above, and wish that there was a 6th.



5 Stars - Highly to Recommend
Sold a home in 2020 in Westborough, MA.
Sandy was excellent! She is very experienced realtor and is a true partner who is your champion. She is an expert at staging, marketing and negotiating to ensure you get multiple offers way over asking price. She works effectively to ensure the deal closes quickly, gets the highest best po
ssible price for you and that the whole transaction is seamless. Sandy is an amazing problem solver and quickly resolves any unexpected issues that pop up. Sandy is very experienced in selling homes during COVID-19 and leads you through the process to ensure everyone is safe and the sale is quick. I’m so glad Sandy sold my home and would definitely work with her again. She is a star!!!!

Laszlo Vasko

5 Stars - Highly to Recommend
Sold a home in 2020 in Hopkinton, MA.
We had a truly great experience with Sandy. When interviewing real estate agents, Sandy stood out as putting the long hours and thoroughly researching all relevant properties. Her reasoning and suggestions made a lot of sense. Afterwards, Sandy was always on top of things, always organized, always working hard and always putting her customers first. Her connections with the Town of Hopkinton were instrumental in getting quick permits and her relationships with various professionals allowed us to complete repairs ahead of schedule It was a pleasure working with Sandy and we could not have asked for a better agent!

Ara Patapoutian

5 Stars - Highly likely to recommend
5/18/2020 -
Sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Hopkinton, MA.
We would definitely recommend Sandy as your next real estate broker.She is professional, organized and kept the process moving forward. She set realistic expectations and was helpful in the the various steps of the process. She advised us on how to declutter our house so that it would be shown in the best light when the professional photos were taken. We also benefited from her relationships and reputation within the real estate community.If you choose Sandy as your broker, you will not be disappointed!

5 Stars - Highly likely to recommend
5/19/2020 -
Sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Hopkinton, MA.
I cannot recommend Sandy enough.She is a consummate professional and takes pride in providing her clients with in-depth market knowledge and incredible customer service along the way. Sandy will give your property 100% of the care and attention it deserves, and her significant experience will be an asset if there are any issues during closing. We sold our house during the coronavirus pandemic, and our closing was delayed due to the buyer’s financing, but Sandy kept us completely up to date, helped to push the process forward, and provided recommended strategies in case things were delayed further. She has a great network of contacts that proved invaluable when getting our house ready to sell, she has an impeccable knowledge of the home buying process and all of its intricacies , and she was always pleasant and a pleasure to speak with. In the end, you want someone you can count on to represent your interests and provide premier service. Sandy is all of that and more.
She’s as good of an agent as there is!

11/19/2018 - zuser20180128083426661
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Hopkinton, MA.
"Sandy is a true professional. She has the experience and expertise to make the difficult job of selling our home go as smoothly as possible. Her knowledge of the market and comparable homes for sale were invaluable in selling our home. She maximized our exposure with videos, pictures and open houses. She worked seamlessly with other agents, attorneys, and mortgage companies. Most important she knew the features and benefits of our home and made sure prospective buyers did as well. It was a joy to work with someone that talented".

11/02/2018 - user3806616
Bought a Single Family home in 2018 in Mansfield, MA.
"There is no better realtor out there than Sandy. She’s responsive, proactive, knowledgeable about not only the market but also repair costs if you’re looking a house that’s less than perfect. Sandy was by our side in every step of the process and has a team of trusted professionals around her from home inspectors to mortgage officers. It was our great pleasure to work with Sandy and we will certainly be working with her again for our next home purchase".

02/20/2018 - mcrglobalsp
Sold a Single Family Home in Hopkinton 2018 mcrglobalsp
"Sandy helped us successfully sell our home. We could not have been more pleased with the job that she did for us. She explained and demystified the entire process of selling a home, from beginning to end. Her knowledge of the local market proved invaluable, particularly with regard to pricing and marketing. The many contacts and resources that she was able to provide made each step of the process, from initial consultation, property preparation and staging, through final sales documentation and closing, much less stressful than we ever thought possible. Sandy's professionalism and work ethics are second to none. She utilized a variety of marketing and promotional methods, from print media to web-based videos and online listings and presentations. She staged several open houses and was never hesitant to utilize and cooperate with other agents in the effort to
find us the best buyer. She was always available to answer any of our questions, and very frank and honest with her recommendations and advise. I don't think that we could have ever found a friendlier, harder working or more honest agent to represent us."

07/30/2017 - Sarah Ehrhorn
Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Sudbury, MA.Sandy is a remarkable agent. She was always available and worked very hard to find us just what we wanted. She is talented as a negotiator and knows the area well. She is quite skilled and was devoted to helping us find the right place. Her many years of experience show! She is also a very pleasant person to be with. That's a plus considering how many interactions and how many hours we spent together. When we are selling our house some day our first step will be to look her up.
Thank you, Sandy Ehrhorn

07/26/2017 - Susan Donovan
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Hopkinton, MA.
I can't possibly express how happy we are with our recent experience having had Sandy as our agent while selling our house. She is remarkably talented with a fair and open minded approach who is comfortable while skillfully wearing a variety of "hats" with professionalism and aplomb.. Her extensive experience was a valuable asset to us through every step of the process. Typically knowing what to expect, she anticipated my apprehension in selling my home of 25 yrs and was very supportive to me in all of my concerns. Her talent in interior decorating was essential to the staging process, as she quickly responded with guidance to my every call and text. I am certain that our ability to sell our house so quickly was largely a result of her expert help and unparalleled communication. Her up-to-the-minute knowledge of the market, as well as her professionalism in negotiating enabled us to sell at a price considerably higher than ever anticipated. One additional benefit of Sandy's years of experience is her team of professionals that she has developed who provide expert service in finance, legal, inspection, etc. Sandy truly made selling our house a rewarding experience, and we highly recommend her to anyone who will be buying or selling their home

07/22/2017 - psallade1
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Hopkinton, MA.
Sandy is a very talented real estate agent and a great gal to work along side. We recently closed on our Hopkinton home and we believe that our home-selling experience with Sandy could not have been better or more fulfilling. Selling a much-loved home of twenty years can be a daunting and an overwhelming process but Sandy's expertise made this process smooth, efficient and seamless. We began the process with Sandy 10 months ago and she guided us through each step with professionalism, market expertise, a great sense of humor, and always with an open mind to our concerns and questions. We could not have chosen a better person to work with and to sell our home

01/01/2017 - oflair
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $500K in Hopkinton, MA.
Sandy has a rare combination of talents. From the moment we contacted her, to list our home of over 20 years, we constantly felt that no one else could possibly be as professional or as caring. It was a unique property to price and to market, but with her years of experience she knew exactly the route to take. Selling a home has changed a lot in all those years. She led us through it step by step with excellent advice and an excellent outcome!

12/08/2016 - njabarron
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $800K in Hopkinton, MA.
It's never fun to sell a home and we have sold and purchased over 12 homes in 30 years. Sandy was by far the best agent. She new we were seasoned sellers however, went over everything thoroughly with us as to suggestions on what to do to sell our house. Each area and home was unique and she knew the clientele for our area. She went out of her way to stage. We didn't need to hire someone. She kept everything very confidential which we respected a great deal. No fun when you don't trust your selling agent. She brought a full price offer to the table and helped us turn down a low offer just before the full one came in. She is an expert, knowledgeable, fun to work with and knows a lot of people. I remember talking to her in the wee hours of the morning working out details. A very hard worker. What more can I say!

08/18/2016 - twojumps
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $325K in Hopkinton, MA.
We cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Sandy. She anticipated our questions and needs, and was extremely sensitive to our lack of familiarity with the selling process after 40 years in our home. Sandy walked us through every step, answered every frantic text and call, and was always there for support. We were so pleased that Sandy was able to sell our house quickly and her expert negotiations got us a price with which we were very happy. We could not have asked for a more positive experience and outcome.
2 jumps

08/18/2016 - toconnor311
Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $625K in Southborough, MA.Sandy was everything we could want in a buying agent: helpful, responsive, honest, and energetic. Sandy was on top of everything and made what can be a very stressful process enjoyable (well, as enjoyable as buying a new home can be). In fact, we had such a positive experience with Sandy as our buying agent that we also asked her to be our selling agent.

05/14/2016 - newbrander
Sold a Condo home in 2016 in Upton, MA.
We contacted Sandy when we were just beginning to think about the possibility of downsizing, seeking our home, and finding another home more suitable to our current lifestyle. What we thought would be a long and difficult process turned out to be something much quicker than we anticipated, thanks to Sandy's knowledge, expert advice and gentle encouragement. She introduced us to a builder who was just beginning a new development of stand alone condos which were just perfect for us. We signed up for the first one. Sandy then helped us prepare our home for sale. She worked very hard to find just the right buyer for our large home and we were happy when that family was found and our transition was completed.
new brander

01/06/2016 - Vignesh Kumar
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $375K in Shrewsbury, MA.We bought our home recently. Sandy was the 1st agent we met. I was sckeptical at first going with the 1st agent we met. My wife was surprisingly calm. She is the usual suspect. We chose to stick with Sandy and we are glad we did. She is very patient with her approach. She does not push you into making an offer. She always picks up the phone. She tried her best to match our timings and availability. She is very diligent in her work. She is thorough and honest. More importantly, this is very important for 1st time buyers. She knows her stuff. She can tell you what is what - from Building material to permitting. If she doesn't know something, she will not throw what came first in her mind. She will research and let you know. You do not need a person who sweet talks into things you don't need. You need a person who can listen and be honest with you (be it bad or good). Sandy is surely that.

12/18/2015 - sal j tocco
Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $1.075M in Hopkinton, MA.
Sandy is an outstanding professional. Her work ethic, dedication and integrity are superb. She truly listens to her clients and becomes a strong and caring advocate. The following examples will illustrate her dedication. She knew that prospective buyers were very interested in our home, but needed to sell their home first. She actually connected our prospective buyer with an interested party who purchased their home. We have a cat. After every showing, Sandy made absolutely sure that the cat was safe and not locked in a room. She actually would get on her hands & knees to look for the cat. Sandy may have started off as a realtor, but she ended as a very dear and trusted friend. We would highly recommend her.

08/03/2015 - Susan Jones
Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $600K in Hopkinton, MA.
Sandy was an absolute professional in helping me sell my house. Every aspect of the process was clearly explained and fully executed. Sandy was available through out the entire process day and night. She helped me know where to make small improvements. She helped me set the house up for pictures and prepare the entire property for show. Our house sold within two weeks. Sandy negotiated and represented me with integrity and understanding. She saw the process through from beginning to the very end. I would recommend her fully to anyone in need of a realtor. Sandy Lucchesi is absolutely the best agent in the business!

08/18/2014 - rdanahy1
Sold a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $650K in Hopkinton, MA
Sandy was a complete pleasure to work with on the sale of our home. She was on top of every detail every step of the way, and because of her expertise in pricing, marketing and negotiating, our home sold within days at full asking price. Highly recommended!

03/03/2014 - user0611715
Bought a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $425K in Milford, MA.
Sandy is a true asset to her profession, her clients, and all of those who deal with her on a daily bases. She’s exceedingly knowledgeable, extremely detailed, and exceptionally accommodating. It simply was a pleasure to deal with her for the purchase of our home. Sandy took the time to ask theright questions and to get to know us, to understand exactly what we were looking for in a home. She provided guidance and professional advice to practically every steps of the Real Estate purchasing process. With Sandy, no question went unanswered; she meticulously worked on our behalf to ensure that every detail of the transaction was perfect, and did so with the utmost professionalism and dedication. To add to this great experience, Sandy surrounds herself with professionals that are at the top of their game, from attorneys to lenders, who also like her, care. Bottom line, we are extremely satisfied with her services and would recommend her to anyone who’s looking to either sell and/or purchase Real Estate.

11/09/2013 - amr72
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 in Hopkinton, MA.
Sandy was a pleasure to work with! We were relocating back to Massachusetts after being out of the state for a while. We had 1 day to look at houses and Sandy set up a very efficient day, showing us everything in our price range. We decided to go with new construction and she was extremely helpful in managing things before we were back in the area. Sandy was on top of all the details and would remind me of deadlines stated in our P&S. She was willing to come along to some design appointments with me when my husband was not able to. It was great to have a second opinion, who was not at all pushy! We highly recommend Sandy!

10/19/2013 - Trupti19
Bought a home in 2013 in Hopkinton, Town of Hopkinton, MA 01748.
Sandy could not have been more perfect and more accommodating at helping us find our home. It was a real pleasure to work with Sandy. Thank you Sandy, for your patience and for understanding our needs and never being pushy. You are extremely knowledgeable and your attention to detail has been invaluable in helping us select our home. We will strongly recommend you to our friends looking to buy/sell. Thank you so much.

10/07/2013 - user9939866
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $425K in Franklin, MA.
andy was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were first time homebuyers so the process was all new and a bit overwhelming to us. She walked us through each step and ensured that we were compfortable. She was very responsive and always made herself available to show us properties as soon as they popped on the market. She is a great negotiator and will make sure you are getting a fair deal when it comes to offer price and inspection issues. Sandy is extrememly professional and also very personable, both qualities that you want in a realtor who is representing you. I can't say enough good things about Sandy and would certainley reccomend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

07/23/2013 - home2012
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $425K in Hopkinton, MA.
We found Sandy in an open house, while we were looking for a new home. While the house she was showing wasn't exactly what we were looking for, she promptly contacted us offering her service to find us a new home. Needless to say that her dedication and knowledge helped us find a new place in a very short time! Her passion about her job makes a huge difference! Because we liked her so much, we also used her services to sell our old house! She did a fantastic job helping us updating the old house and achieving the best market value! She is an excellent professional and now a good friend! You can count with her! Rain or shine!

07/18/2013 - jeanaccorsini
Sold a home in 2013 in Town of Hopkinton, MA.
Diligent, knowledgeable, understanding, thorough, creative, honest, responsive, caring and friendly.... that's Sandy! Sandy worked with us on the sale of our house months before we put it on the market. She offered valuable advice to help us prepare for all aspects of the sales process and went above and beyond with marketing strategies. Selling our house was more than a process, it was personal. Sandy understood that difference, which is what makes her stand out as an exceptional real estate professional. Sandy is the best!

07/16/2013 - wendydoremus
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $550K in Hopkinton, MA.
Sandy helped us sell our house in one day - and we had multiple offers, even over the asking price. The preparations that she guided us through to get the house ready, right through to the negotiations and closing, were all key to this successful experience. Her support, expertise and pleasant personality helped keep the stress of this big life change to a minimum. We could not have been more pleased with her work on this process. She was most professional throughout, yet I felt like I made a friend. Without reservation, we highly recommend Sandy as an exceptionally great real estate agent! W. Doremus

05/13/2013 - user2899601
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $875K in Hopkinton, MA.
Sandy knows the market, is an expert negotiator and takes great pride in her work – willing to go the extra distance to do whatever it takes to get her clients to closing, yet personable and extremely pleasant to work with throughout the process. She was not pushy like other real estate agents that we had encountered and quickly earned our trust and respect. She was on top of everything and wonderful in keeping communication up with us, the seller’s agents, our real estate attorney, and our mortgage broker. She responded very quickly to any emails or phone calls and often initiated communication when deadlines approached. Her work ethic is impeccable and it showed. Sandy is the best of best of real estate agents. She is extremely competent, experienced, and possesses the strong relational skills needed to come out on top in this competitive market. We could not have been more pleased with Sandy and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

12/11/2012 - kawilme
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $575K in Hopkinton, MA.
We had the pleasure of working with Sandy on the sale of our home in 2012 and could not have been happier with our choice of agent. Sandy is a true professional and made the listing, showing and sale of our home as seamless as possible. From her accurate and detailed market analysis to home staging and marketing, Sandy is a skilled real estate professional. She responds to all communication promptly and was always quick to provide useful feedback following showings or contacts with prospective buyers. In addition, we LIKED Sandy! She is caring and personable on top of it all. We would not hesitate to recommend Sandy to others.

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Steven Horowitz
Hopkinton, MA 02109
Category:Real Estate Agents
Services Performed:Yes
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Work Completed Date:June 11, 2012
Hire Again:Yes
Deion Of Work:
Sandy arranged for our house to be sold. She hired a person to develop a floor plan and plot plan for the property, paid for a professional stager, ran two open houses, created a professional video, a professional photo shoot and a web site dedicated just to our property, plus printed brochures with all associated information available to prospective buyers. Not only did she create a web site for our property, she also made sure our property showed up on the associated real estate web sites like Trulio and so on. Sandy fielded all offers, helped negotiate a fair price, managed the inspection process and follows up to make sure everything is running smoothly before closing.
Member Comments:
Outstanding! If you want a great real estate agent, start with Sandy! She did all the preparation work (see services provided). Within a few days of listing, we had ~5 showings a day, and 3 offers. Thursday the house was listed. Sunday was the open house. Tuesday was the open house for other agents (Sandy provided lunch to attract a larger crowd). Tuesday night we had three offers. Sandy identified the strongest offer and brought the offer to within 3% of the asking price. After the inspection, she provided me with a list of contractors that could help with the repairs needed and all were professional and reasonably priced. P&S is signed and all we need to do is wait for closing. Seriously, great real estate agent.

August 11, 2010
To Prospective Clients:When my family decided we would relocate to Massachusetts from Lake Tahoe in mid 2009, we were given Sandy Lucchesi’s name as a potential agent from a senior leader at my new company (Avery Dennison). I trusted this business leader implicitly, so we decided to call Sandy to initiate the relocation process. We’ve relocated many times in the last ~10 years, and our experience related to real estate agents has varied significantly. I can honestly say that Sandy is the most caring, professional, attentive agent that we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.Sandy worked diligently on our behalf to perform home searches while I was traveling / working abroad and she ensured everything was set-up for our family with the limited time that we had to find our new home. Sandy’s tireless effort to work (for days on end) with the listing agent and her slightly emotional clients went well above our expectations and was a clear indicator of the special effort she provides. Above all else, we had tremendous issues with our lender throughout the entire process where they missed every single deliverable and commitment to us. In the end, I needed to pull two all-nighters while in Hong Kong to ensure our lenders did not miss the final closing. Sandy not only worked through that process with me, she actually dealt directly with the lender several times on our behalf to push it over the line.Sandy is a rare breed. She cares deeply for her clients and gives 100% in all aspects of her job (we personally got 150%). I would recommend her to friends and family without reservation and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Michael Klein
VP Finance, Avery Dennison - Retail Information Services

To Whom It May Concern:
Sandy Lucchesi is an extremely professional real estate agent that I would highly recommend. She was our listing agent when we were selling our Hallmark House in Hopkinton, MA. She is energetic and knowledgeable with the fluctuating market. Her level of service and commitment to her clients is extremely high and she sees everything to completion with 100% satisfaction. She has great networking and marketing capabilities and truly understands the market and what is needed to get a house sold...especially in these trying times. She pays great attention to details, is a great team player and is very open to suggestions/ideas~ whatever it takes to get the job done!I would highly recommend anyone to enlist Sandy Lucchesi's real estate services. She is a top notch, dedicated real estate agent with great integrity. She did a wonderful job with our relocation package.
Matt & Gail Bennett

To Prospective Home Buyers and Sellers:
I first met Sandy Lucchesi in early 2010. My siblings and I had been trying to sell our late Dad’s condo in Westborough for over a year with another agent, and decided to make a change. One of Sandy’s postcards serendipitously arrived in my mailbox in Medway, and prompted me to call her. After interviewing a few agents, and checking her website, I chose Sandy because I was impressed with her knowledge and her communication style. I also thought her photos were great, and I think that great photos are what bring people through the door. The condo sold less than a month later, and Sandy’s follow through and almost daily communication made it a stressless experience. She took care of everything and always with a smile.Six months later, my husband and I decided it was time to downsize to a smaller home and relocate to a different lifestyle. My husband was initially hesitant to list our house in Medway with Sandy, because she’s a Hopkinton agent and he worried that she might not be familiar enough with our town. In the end, I trusted her enough to choose her over other agents we interviewed, and am thrilled that I did. Sandy gives 110% all the time. Her honesty, integrity, commitment to excellence, daily phone calls, and upbeat attitude are a great source of support while going through the home selling process. Not only does she exhibit professionalism, she is also extremely caring and thoughtful and goes above and beyond her job. We had one of our dogs die while our house was for sale, and Sandy was at the door with flowers and a card within days.She is a very special person and a top notch agent. It’s my pleasure to recommend Sandy whether you are buying or selling your home.
Lorri Alexander

When our mother passed away this summer, my brother and I were faced with some difficult and emotional decisions around the potential sale of her home in Westborough. As we debated about what to do, it became clear that we needed professional advice and for that we turned to Sandy. As a friend and neighbor, I knew Sandy possessed the honesty and personal integrity that one wants in a business partner. What we learned in the process is that you also need a realtor who is motivated, determined, tech savvy and creative. We found all those things in Sandy.In the first part of the home sale process, we needed a blunt assessment of the market based on facts. Because Sandy is a businessperson first, she understood that my brother and I wanted the data and the comparables to help us decide if it made sense for us to sell. Next, we worked together to analyze the numbers and come up with the right price based on the market and our situation. We then moved into the marketing phase and Sandy moved quickly to schedule and manage broker open houses followed by public open houses. Throughout the process we got constant email updates on progress. Sandy also brought in other experts to help us "stage” the house to maximize its appeal.As the offers came, Sandy worked with us on strategy and negotiating to help us maximize the price we received. It was no surprise to us that in less than 60 days we had closed the sale on our property. Sandy was with us every step of the way from start to finish as we went through a very difficult chapter in our lives.If you want a true professional realtor who will work for you then I encourage you to work with Sandy. On a personal note, I am proud to call Sandy a friend and throughout the process I kept thinking that my Mother would have chosen Sandy: a sharp, dynamic professional who gets the job done!
Andy Lewkowicz

This note is written to attest to our great satisfaction in the quality of professional services performed by Sandy Lucchesi while we looked for and then closed on the sale of our present house.In August 2006 we closed on the purchase of our present house and moved into it shortlythereafter. Sandy Lucchesi was the realtor who represented our interests at the closing. She also identified this house among many as one that would appeal to us – and it did, in many ways. We learned of our re-location from the Cleveland, Ohio to the Boston area in early 2006. Sandy was recommended by Saint-Gobain’s Relocation Services group. From the point of first contact to today we have enjoyed knowing Sandy and working with her.Sandy made a point to learn of our needs, our interests and about us. And despite the many Saturdays and some Sundays that we asked Sandy to help, she was chipper, eager and exceptionally reliable – essentially flawless. And Sandy did this for a few days each month over an eight month period. And when we finally found our home, Sandy helped us negotiate what we thought was a fair price. Her knowledge of the market and sense of the seller reduced our angst and made the deal relatively easy. She lined-up the inspections and reduced our hassles, while keeping us well informed of the outcomes.We strongly recommend Sandy as a realtor for anyone looking to buy a home.
Frank and Angie Csillag